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Construction sites pose plenty of risks, both for humans and the environment. Health, safety and environment (HSE) management ensures that legal regulations and safety standards are observed.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a general term for regulations, methods and processes designed to help protect workers, the environment and the public from harm. The methods and processes in HSE are learned through training and re-training of those exposed to hazards.

HSE Benefits

HSE management helps you optimize the processes in your construction project and make gains in terms of effectiveness, quality, safety and time. You can make sure that you stick to your construction schedule while also reducing costs. Potential safety flaws and hazardous situations are identified in time and remedied with suitable safety measures. This allows you to avoid work accidents and interruptions to construction.

HSE management helps you achieve legal conformity with the relevant national and international laws and standards. In addition, it shows your customers, employees and business partners that you take matters of health, environmental protection and safety seriously, and it also improves your image. All these things will give you a valuable competitive edge.

HSE management steps

  • Set-up and management of the HSE team at the construction site; objective comparison between current situation and specified business targets; advice for project and construction management
  • Creation of the necessary documents and plans (including HSE plan, HSE manual, implementation of a reporting system, inspection and discussion schedule, training and instruction documents for general construction site briefing)
  • Implementation of the HSE system and assessment of effectiveness

Management support:

  • Crisis management (embedding in management structures, creation of emergency plans).
  • Third-company management (performance of pre-qualification, audits, HSE assessment of contractors).
  • Hazardous substances management (hazardous substances register, storage of hazardous substances).
  • Environmental management (waste and water management).
  • Permit management (approval procedure).
  • Implementation of fire prevention concepts and support during crane and scaffold construction coordination.
  • Development of measures for safe use of facilities (e.g. checking which warehouse, transport and assembly facilities are suitable for the specific project in question, and subsequently selecting those most suitable).
  • Comprehensive documentation of the results of our measures.

Last Word

A safe work environment – without hazards and accidents – can be achieved through effective implementation of company-wide health and safety (HSE) management system. Thus training and re-training personnel on the global best practice in health and safety cannot be ignored.

As part of comprehensive HSE management, we will assign one of our HSE managers or teams to assist you throughout the whole project. They will offer expert and targeted advice during the planning phase and construction period, and even once the project is completed. The implemented HSE system will be evaluated constantly during this time, and you will receive comprehensive documentation of the results of the measures involved.

Would you like to optimize your construction site safety with our HSE management? Contact our experts now to learn more!


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